Focus on teaching English!

Goat Design is a design team. We deliver content, designs and websites. But design is not our industry — our industry is English education. We work with Eikaiwas, International schools, art classes in English… anyone whose passion is to share English with the people of Japan.

We love this passion of yours, but in business so many things get in the way, don’t they? When you can’t focus on teaching or developing your lessons, it can be easy to get frustrated or worn out — and that affects your students.

That’s where design comes in. Effective design allows you to inspire, solve problems, and open opportunities.

Problems like…

  • Redundant communications between your school and its customers
  • Organizational difficulties leading to miscommunication

Opportunities like…

  • Attracting more of your ideal customers
  • Staying connected with your customers for greater customer satisfaction

When your income is stable, and your business meets your growth goals, you’re free to focus on your work — teaching & inspiring. We want to use our design and communication abilities to help you do that.

How will we do that?

Head over to our services page to learn more about how we plan to help you.

The big picture, here at Goat

If you turn your head in any direction, you’ll face a country outside of Japan where functional English is a reality for most people.

We want to enhance Japan as a place where everyone has access to English. A place where anyone who is interested can make English a part of their life. This is why we focus on English teaching businesses, like you.

We’d love to hear from you. Even if you’ve just got a question, please reach out!

Goat Design

Our team serves English education businesses exclusively. But even within the English education industry, a number of factors change your situation such as size, location, lesson types, student age, etc.

We want to offer the right solution to each business, so as designers our most important job is to listen to you. We’ll ask questions, do research, and deeply analyze your situation.

Well, we’d love to learn more about your specific business, but if you want to know more about us and how we’ll serve you, try the links below.



Thank you for your interest in Goat Design. Please reach out to us with any questions or to inquire into working together. We’ll be happy to arrange a free meet up with you, and we’ll share any advice we think could benefit you.

After confirming your message, we’ll get back to you. The details you share with us will never be shared or sold, and will be kept solely for our records.


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